Instrumental Music for Video and beats

Hello and welcome. My Name is Nico and I am the composer behind all the songs you’ll find on this website. Since I was born I am dedicated to the music and composition and now I am bringing all the music to you.

On this website you’ll find several songs on different styles and genres and you’ll be able to use them for your projects. That’s on you! You can use the background songs everywhere and anywhere. The music is royalty free and you can monetize the videos on youtube.

This website is oriented to filmmakers and video producers but if you a singer I am also giving you music beats!

Do you love to sing along beats? you will find several beats for singing, just use the searcher from the full song list and search for beats!

I will be adding more and more music every week! Hope you find what you’re looking for.

Remember I can create any instrumental music for video and beats for you! Write me now!