Background music for youtube

Background music for youtube

As any other video producer that wanted to upload his videos to YouTube, I’ve always found myself in the constant search of royalty free music to freely use, but  the majority of the music I found on the Internet was the one everybody was using, and the rest sounded really bad. That’s why I’ve realized the necessity of creating the best royalty free music posible for video producers.        


Nowadays things have changed a lot and everything seems to be more controlled, more ordered in some sort of way, and if we’re looking for background music for YouTube is common that we encounter author rights and copyright infringements and its’ possible that your videos and your productions get sanctioned because of it.   

The royalty free music idea is not only that you are able to use that music, but also that you don’t get sanctioned so that your product  isn’t harmed. Imagine you are a wedding video producer and you use any song you find out there that you like as a backing track of your video. Then you give the couple their video and when they upload their video to YouTube they find that they can’t use that music because of copyright infringement. That would hurt your image a lot! That’s why you need royalty free music.  

dande electronic background music

In this website you’ll find a full list of royalty free songs. You can use these songs in your videos, your projects, your website or wherever you want, and you don’t have to worry about author rights.

These songs are recorded in perfect time so you can cut, link, paste, make loops, beats, etc. You can adapt them to your taste and necessity. For example, if some songs seem long you can cut them and if some seem short you can extend the duration of the song.

Keep in mind that new songs are constantly appearing on this website! You can keep up with us and listen to the new music week by week, I’m sure you’ll be surprised. Our library is growing and expanding by leaps and bounds and more and more people are using our songs in their projects. Don’t stay outside and be one of those people too!


Of course it is! If you download any YouTube song, they’ll tell you that is royalty free and that you can use it, but you have to take into consideration two things here: first, that everyone is going to use it so you won’t be original, and the other one is that they won’t sound great (those songs are compressed in MP3 format).

In this website you’ll download the songs in WAV format and since you have to pay for them, you won’t have the same music everyone is already using.  Also, on the other hand, on this website you don’t have to pay a fortune to associate annually, while in the competition websites to be able to download the one song you want to use now, you have to pay 200 dollars to associate to download all the content. That’s crazy! That won’t happen to you here: you can always buy one single song if that’s what you want to do and you’ll have it available to download from your panel for 365 days.

I hope you find the song you are looking for and remember that we can compose one specially for you!